Choose and order the best birthday cake in 5 Steps

Worried about how to plan, decide and execute the best birthday cake, read this blog and remove your worries.

The birthday of a child, partner, friend or parent is always an exciting event, which requires a celebration. The celebration shows the love and affection you have for them. This feeling is best expressed by choosing and customizing a special birthday cake that makes them excited on their special day. The birthday cake should be attractive, tasty, fresh and adequate for all the attendees, therefore the task of baking and decorating the birthday cake should always be left to professionals like the Kwality Bakery. Everyone will remember the birthday cake for life if you follow the 5 simple and logical steps to decide and order your birthday cake.

1. Decide the theme of the party

The first step to choose the correct birthday cake is deciding the theme of the party. The theme should depend on the preferences of the celebrant. If the celebrant is a child, bright and vivid colours that depict their favourite cartoon, movie, colour, animals, toys, or activity can inspire the theme of the party. If the celebrant is an adult, we would advise you to use toned down and aesthetic colours that stand out from the background of the venue.

2. Estimate the number of people at the party

No one wants to run out of cake at a party. Experts and experience have helped us estimate that a pound(lb) of cake provides approximately 7 to 8 standard-sized servings. Therefore, to find the optimal size of the cake you can use this formula.

Adequate Cake Size (lb) = (Number of attendees) / 7

It is also recommended to order some extra to account for unexpected guests.

3. Choose the right flavours and type of the birthday cake

The cake should be tasty for the celebrant, and the primary audience (attendees) of the party. For example, for a child’s party the primary audience will be the children of the celebrant’s age. We have noted that children generally prefer chocolate, strawberry, and other fruit-based cakes. On the other hand, for adults, we would advise butter-scotch, coffee, and cheesecakes flavours. These options are the go to flavours to ensure that everyone in the party enjoys the cake.

You can also order a stacked cake, multi-tiered cake, or a multi-levelled cake. A stacked cake is a cake with two or more cakes on top of each other without any separation between them. On the other hand, fondants form the separation between the cakes in a Stacked Cake. Multi-Tiered cakes or multi-levelled cakes are similar to stacked cakes, but the layers are separated physically. These cakes can contain many flavours or be of one flavour. We recommend stacked cakes and multi-tiered cakes if the estimated size of a cake is greater than 3 pounds (3lb) (21 Guests and more).

4. Choose the decoration of the birthday cake

The decoration of the cake should be similar to the theme of the party. The birthday cake is always at the centre of attraction therefore, getting the decoration of the cake right is of essential importance in any birthday party.

For children, we recommend that the decoration should depict the leading character of the favourite movie or cartoon, or the favourite toy, pet, animal, or activity of the celebrant, depending on the chosen theme. The decoration can be made of edible toppings or by using an edible photo cake (picture cake) design technique as per your preferences.

For adults, we advise you to keep the decorations at a minimum. You can add some depictions and messages on the top of the cake. The decoration can also depict the favourite activity of the celebrant.

Remember! Always write the message “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” + celebrants name/nickname.

These decorations are best made by the artists of Kwality Bakery, Udaipur.

5. Order birthday cake from the best bakery

The task of creating a fresh, decorative, and tasty cake is best left to the professionals. If you are in Udaipur, we advise you to order from Kwality Bakery, the best bakery in Udaipur. You can visit our store or order online. We provide home delivery throughout Udaipur.


Finally, a run-down of the 5 steps to choose and order the best birthday cake:

  1. Decide the theme of the birthday party
  2. Estimate the number of people at the birthday party
  3. Choose the right flavours and type of birthday cake
  4. Choose the decoration of the birthday cake
  5. Order birthday cake from the best bakery

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